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I started Manchester Properties as a way to preserve my commitment to putting clients needs over my own.  With the explosive growth of the Colorado real estate market that we're still seeing, we've also seen a huge increase in the number of new Realtors. One of my biggest concerns is the client experience when buying or selling the largest asset most people will own. There are multiple opportunities during the buying or selling process for an inexperienced Realtor to sour the experience for their client, and there are so many ways for a client to feel like they didn't receive value for what their Realtor was paid. I want Manchester Properties to fill a gap in residential brokerage between the value and service received and the commission paid.  I want clients to walk away from the closing table feeling like they got unprecedented service and expert care, and to feel as if their Realtor was a longtime personal friend who put their needs far above anything else. I want clients to know beyond a doubt that they got their money's worth and more. And I want clients to be so grateful for how they were treated at Manchester Properties, that they can't help but tell family, friends, and anybody who will listen that "they have a guy..." Above all, I want Manchester Properties to be an empathetic ally for anybody buying or selling a home.

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Patrick is absolutely amazing. My fiancé and I had to buy our first home in this tough market and he was so helpful and patient with all of our many questions. You can tell he definitely enjoys what he does. He spent almost two hours with us until late at night going over a contract and making sure we understood everything since this was our first time buying. He’s professional, extremely knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond for his clients. We’re happy to be able to call him a friend after the home buying process and would recommend him to anyone!

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